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About Nadine

Nadine Feldman believes the lives and issues women face provide a rich well for stories. She focuses on contemporary and historical women's fiction, but often blends other genres in her novels. Her characters are strong and independent, working hard to make their mark in a man's world. When not writing, Nadine loves gardening, health, knitting and quilting. She lives in the beautiful Hudson Valley of New York State.

My Books

Links to Amazon are included to provide book descriptions and other info. All books are available everywhere in paperback. The Factory Girl and the Fey is also available in audio format.

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Here's what people are saying about The Factory Girl and the Fey:

A Girl Reads Books

The Factory Girl and the Fey touches on love, family, friendship, loyalty, and love. I recommend if you enjoy Historical Fantasy!

Jennifer C. Wilson

Historical Books With Spirit

The descriptions are fantastic, really drawing you in, and I liked Jane immediately, completely understanding her dilemmas as she tried to navigate this dual life she finds herself leading. Highly recommended to those looking for historical fantasy, grounded in a strong reality, with interesting characters.

Pursuing Stacie

Do you know what sort of novel pairs perfectly with the beginning of autumn? A wonderous novel. One that makes you snuggle down into your warm blanket while you daydream about rain, soft candles and fairy magic...Bottom Line: Come see why historical fantasy is the world’s best book genre.

Gwendalyn's Books

Mixed with fantasy and yes heartbreak, I enjoyed reading about the struggles and decisions that Jane faced. I also was captivated by the lovely addition of poetry to the start of each chapter.

NetGalley Reviewer

I love Jane and and reading about her struggles, her choices, and her strength. This is a tale of Scotland, of coping and of making the hard choices. It is beautifully written and was a joy to read.